I’ve had a few days of insomnia; however, I’ve been doing well managing my energy. I don’t get upset about the insomnia — I’m years past punching my pillow at night trying to fall asleep. If things continue this way, I’ll probably use the amber glasses again. So, overall, this week’s bout of sleeplessness is more of an annoyance than anything else.

Today felt especially long — not in a terrible way but in a productive way. Still, you wouldn’t think I did anything! The house is a bit untidy at the moment, even though I spent the morning cleaning. Oh well! I’m trying to relax about clutter — TRYING. Clutter makes me anxious, as does having too much stuff I find myself constantly weeding materials to donate. Anyway, I cleaned and, most importantly, I organized all my medical receipts, reports, tests, paperwork. It’s not perfect but I know where my copays are, where my paid hospital receipts are, appointments, EOBs, etc. are. I’ve been trying to get this all in order since summer but was avoiding it. A bill I received in the mail today prompted the filing frenzy. Although the bill is small, it came with six pages of visits I overpaid and copays I didn’t dating back to 2011! I haven’t received any bill in the last year and I was told at visits that I didn’t have a copay even though I knew I did. It’s all so confusing. And why does it take my insurance co. one to two months to pay my doctors? Such a complicated, inefficient process. And, according to my math, I believe there’s an error — so I had to find my receipts and do some calculating. I think they may owe me $2.58. Hmm.

Writing and reading have been slow. I did finish a story last week. Time for revisions!

In other news, I managed to take some photos of new items I’ll be adding to my Etsy shop. Old “how to” booklets, vintage wristwatch parts, owl salt & pepper set, linen napkins. I also have a pile of vintage pillow cases with lace edges. Nicely stacked linens make me happy! What else: Mexican pottery, canning tongs, jewelry, and other goodies.

That’s it for now. I’ll try to post before and after photos of some changes we made to the house. Nothing major — mostly painting. Amazing how paint and color choices can change the feel of an entire room.

Okay — ciao, ta-ta. buenas noches, buh-bye, good night!

2 responses on “Awake!

  1. Virginia Kosydar

    Sounds like you had a little better week overall. It’s been hectic here.I am in the process of painting and trying to get my new kitchen going.and of course your Dad had his problems with the house. One of our dear dancing friends had a bad stroke and is in the nursing home in Vale.I think your Dad is feeling better this week.Need to get him to the ear Dr. Oh well he will do it in his own time. Take care Maria & Be well

  2. mdeira Post author

    I’m sorry to hear that one of your dancing friends had a stroke, Virginia. She’s in my thoughts. I’m glad to hear Dad is doing better. Antonia and I might have to go down there and make him go to see a hearing specialist! Two bossy daughters is sometimes what it takes. Haha.

    Have you thought of posting inspirational kitchens to a Pinterest board? I’m so curious to know what kind of changes you want to make. Your house is already so cute! I can only imagine!

    Take care! :)

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