Sister, Sister

My sister and I agreed to a challenge in which we each write one blog post a day, for a week. While she has a blog about her Guam experiences, I Quit My Job and Moved to Guam, her challenge involves writing for her personal blog OK Now Back to Me. I blog here and that’s about it.

We only agreed to this on Friday, so I spent all weekend trying to figure out a few topics to write about. It’s been a rough couple of weeks — fatigue, old symptoms coming back. I’d been doing well for a while, struggling a bit with work, home, social obligations, writing. I don’t really want to write about that, but if I need to I will. Reality is, well, reality.

For this post, I’ve decided to write about my sister’s recent visit. She returned to the States almost two weeks ago to visit family and friends. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel when I saw her. I knew I’d hug her a lot, which I did — I practically suffocated her with my embraces, especially when I felt myself tearing up. She was lovely! Tanned, toned, healthy: traits you see in someone who has lived on an island for over a year. She made the trip home with her boyfriend, also a native Oregonian, and they looked happy together. I hope they continue to be happy but in Oregon or Idaho. Somewhere closer to where my parents and I live. Also, I’d like to have some nieces and nephews. (Just putting that out there, Tonia!)

Although our time together was brief, it was wonderful to see her. I wish she’d had more time and that I had the energy to have a special sister day with her, just us, but I realize getting to see her in person was a gift. For now, that’s enough.

Antonia and me in front of my big, blue door.

Antonia and me in front of my big, blue door.

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