The Saturday Five

I decided I have to give up my stubborn love of alliteration when it comes to writing about five things I like. I’m also behind on other posts but I’ll get to them eventually. For now, here’s my Saturday Five.

1. Geraniums. Hardy, easy to care for, lovely leaves and colorful blooms make these flowers one my favorites. Next year I’ll be planting four times as many geranium as this year.

2. Conservatories. Isn’t this glass room connecting the kitchen to the garden wonderful?

3. Award-winning science fiction author Octavia E. Butler. I don’t know what to say about Octavia E. Butler other than I love her books, her writing, her skill and genius. While she’s one of the few writers of color in SF I’m familiar with, has to be one of the greatest writers of all time. Wild Seed was the first book by Butler that I read. I was a freshman in high school and my mom recommended it. I loved it! Sadly, I couldn’t find any other books by her in our library or in our small town bookstore. Caught up in other books and new authors, music, and high school in general, I eventually forgot her name. However, about eight years later, looking for something different to read, I searched through my college friend (and roommate at the time) Clair’s books and came across Bloodchild & Other Stories. As soon as I saw the byline, I knew exactly who it was and I knew the stories would be great. After I read the collection, I went out and bought the rest of her books. In addition to Wild Seed and Bloodchild, I highly recommend Lilith’s Brood and the Xenogenesis trilogy. Butler passed away in 2006. Today would have been her 66th birthday.

4. Chocolate pound cake.

5. This mint green mug is the best. Fill it up with coffee and serve with chocolate pound cake. Yes, please!

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