Friday Five: Call the Midwife, Groovy Wednesday Addams, Anya’s Ghost…

It’s not Friday, but let’s pretend.

  1. Colds. I have a glorious cold! I haven’t had one in months, maybe even years, but since that I’m back at work I suppose I’ll have them now and then. It might sound crazy that I’m somewhat cheerful about having a cold, but the good thing about them are that eventually they go away, unlike chronic illnesses. Sniffles be gone!

  2. Call the Midwife. If I didn’t have this cold and hadn’t felt so tired today, I wouldn’t have watched this series. It had been recommended to me by library patrons and coworkers, but I wasn’t sure I’d like it. Well, I loved it and will probably read the book now.

  3. Yumm Sauce. I’ve only been to Café Yumm! a couple of times, but I always have a jar of their special Yumm Sauce in the ‘frig. It’s tasty and adds a few extra, nutrional calories to my diet. Highly recommended.

  4. Anya’s Ghost by Vera Brosgol. I read this graphic novel last week — and what a surprising and delightful ghost story. It’s listed as a children’s comic, but I think it’s a great read for all ages. The art is lively and the writing smooth. Check it out!

  5. And last but not least: Wednesday Addams dancing. Isn’t this the most awesome dance ever? I’ve been practicing. I wanna be boss.

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