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Interview in Shelf Unbound

I was recently interviewed by Margaret Brown about my short fiction collection Invisible Girl and Other Stories. That interview is now available in the June/July issue of Shelf Unbound under the “Indie Spotlight” section. Shelf Unbound is a digital literary magazine that highlights small press and indie books. It’s definitely worth checking out — and subscribing is free!

Shelf Unbound – June/July Issue

Invisible Girl Available at Amazon

Howdy! My short fiction collection is now available for purchase at Amazon. The listing is for the print edition, for $8.99.

Invisible Girl and Other Stories at Amazon

I’m hoping a Kindle edition will be available soon. I’m also hoping you or someone you know will purchase a copy. The cover is lovely — designed by Ian Cavalier, a friend and super-talented guy. The book itself is short. About 75 pages, slender and light. No table of contents, just one story turning into another.

I’ve made a separate page for the book, just click on Invisible Girl and Other Stories. There, I’ll list where you can buy the book, plus updates and reviews.

“I thought you were smart.”

Last night I dreamed my father and I went for a walk. Soon after we left my house, he said, “Maria! My friend Jose the Basque lives here and his son and him want to play tennis with us at the park.” I asked him which park because there were at least eight in town. “The park with the tennis courts,” he said. “I thought you were smart!” I wasn’t feeling well & didn’t want to play, so I pointed out that he was wearing his dress shoes and I was in sandals. “So what?” He grabbed my arms and we danced an awkward jig to prove our shoes were good enough. “Look!” he said. A beautiful park had appeared with giant redwoods, dozens of tennis courts, and hundreds of people playing tennis. “Here we are,” I said, the sound of ball against racket against concrete against my eardrums multiplied by a thousand. “Ay caray!” he said, laughing. “THAT’S tennis?” True story.

Invisible Girl & Other Stories Now Available as Paperback

Hey now! My short short story collection is now available as a book you can touch, smell, and eat. Per certain persons’ requests, I made my ebook available as a paperback. It’s available through the print-on-demand company Lulu for $7.99. They’re currently running a promotion for 20% off your purchase with the creepy code MORESHADOW (expires 2/5/12). Eventually, the book should also be available on Amazon.

Here’s the link to the book on Lulu:

Invisible Girl and Other Stories

Cover design by Ian Cavalier.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

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