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Blog Spotlight: I Quit My Job and Moved to Guam

I might be a little biased, but I think anyone who reads my sister’s blog will find themselves entertained and inspired. Over a year ago, Antonia really did quit her job and, along with her boyfriend, made the move to Guam. Since then, she’s had to adjust to island life — a new way of living for someone who’s spent most of her time in Eastern Oregon and Idaho. She’s also had the opportunity during her time in Guam to travel to Japan and the Philippines. And I’m sure she’s not stopping there.

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Part adventure journal, part guide for folks potentially moving to Guam, she covers a variety of topics, from discovering great hiking trails and exotic wildlife to the problems of dumping and littering and the high cost of living on an island. Each post contains beautiful, fun, and thoughtful photos to accompany her essays. If you enjoy good travel writing, want to learn about Guam, or just want to see photos of a lovely young woman living it up on the island, follow Antonia’s excursions at I Quit My Job and Moved to Guam.

Love you, Tonia!

Cat fight!

Shortly after our beloved cat Sofia died of a horrible heart attack on Christmas Day 2007, we adopted our cats Loki and Maya (both female) from the Willamette Humane Society. The sadness of no longer having Sofia with us, the silence of her absence, the loss of that special companionship, was just too much to bear.



So, after two weeks — what felt like the longest, saddest two weeks of my life — we went to the humane society, just to look and to pet some kittens. That’s it. Well, we ended up leaving with not one, but two new cats. They weren’t replacing Sofia but allowing us to take care of them and love them, to give them a good life. Loki, the stripey nerd (a phrase I learned from my best friend Clair), was about four years old and Maya was about 5 -7 months. It was “adopt one, get one free” at the shelter and baby Maya was the freebie.

In general, we’re a happy family and the cats get along great, but sometimes the girls get territorial about sunlight or patches of sunlight, that is. These photos were taken last year when the poor dears battled it out for a rectangular piece of sunshine (there was another patch off camera, but oh no, they both wanted this one).

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