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“I thought you were smart.”

Last night I dreamed my father and I went for a walk. Soon after we left my house, he said, “Maria! My friend Jose the Basque lives here and his son and him want to play tennis with us at the park.” I asked him which park because there were at least eight in town. “The park with the tennis courts,” he said. “I thought you were smart!” I wasn’t feeling well & didn’t want to play, so I pointed out that he was wearing his dress shoes and I was in sandals. “So what?” He grabbed my arms and we danced an awkward jig to prove our shoes were good enough. “Look!” he said. A beautiful park had appeared with giant redwoods, dozens of tennis courts, and hundreds of people playing tennis. “Here we are,” I said, the sound of ball against racket against concrete against my eardrums multiplied by a thousand. “Ay caray!” he said, laughing. “THAT’S tennis?” True story.

Invisible Girl & Other Stories Now Available as Paperback

Hey now! My short short story collection is now available as a book you can touch, smell, and eat. Per certain persons’ requests, I made my ebook available as a paperback. It’s available through the print-on-demand company Lulu for $7.99. They’re currently running a promotion for 20% off your purchase with the creepy code MORESHADOW (expires 2/5/12). Eventually, the book should also be available on Amazon.

Here’s the link to the book on Lulu:

Invisible Girl and Other Stories

Cover design by Ian Cavalier.

Support independent publishing: Buy this book on Lulu.

The Stars Under My Control

A harsh wind blew me down one night. And then, crack. My bones broke, my body bulged. Taller I grew until I was a giant’s giant! The stars sang. I plucked one from the sky, ate it, and then another. Soon I was full of stars: my eyes exploded with light, my heart burned to ash, my mind turned silent and, finally, finally I slept in the heavens.

Beautiful art print by, which I hope to buy soon.

Little story by me.

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