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Clever, Whimsical Art: Book Bricks

Some days, like today, when I’m feeling down, I’ll head on over to Pinterest and see what’s new. There’s always an image or a group of images that cheer me up with their beauty or humor, such as these bricks painted to resemble books:

Clever idea: Old bricks painted to look like books.

The faux books against the bold blue stairs — how can you not smile at that?

Sister, Sister

My sister and I agreed to a challenge in which we each write one blog post a day, for a week. While she has a blog about her Guam experiences, I Quit My Job and Moved to Guam, her challenge involves writing for her personal blog OK Now Back to Me. I blog here and that’s about it.

We only agreed to this on Friday, so I spent all weekend trying to figure out a few topics to write about. It’s been a rough couple of weeks — fatigue, old symptoms coming back. I’d been doing well for a while, struggling a bit with work, home, social obligations, writing. I don’t really want to write about that, but if I need to I will. Reality is, well, reality.

For this post, I’ve decided to write about my sister’s recent visit. She returned to the States almost two weeks ago to visit family and friends. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel when I saw her. I knew I’d hug her a lot, which I did — I practically suffocated her with my embraces, especially when I felt myself tearing up. She was lovely! Tanned, toned, healthy: traits you see in someone who has lived on an island for over a year. She made the trip home with her boyfriend, also a native Oregonian, and they looked happy together. I hope they continue to be happy but in Oregon or Idaho. Somewhere closer to where my parents and I live. Also, I’d like to have some nieces and nephews. (Just putting that out there, Tonia!)

Although our time together was brief, it was wonderful to see her. I wish she’d had more time and that I had the energy to have a special sister day with her, just us, but I realize getting to see her in person was a gift. For now, that’s enough.

Antonia and me in front of my big, blue door.

Antonia and me in front of my big, blue door.

My name is Lizzie Borden and I’m going to kill my parents with an axe.

Let me introduce you to a couple of extremely talented members of Bravado Entertainment:

Kiri Callaghan, published author, actress, and all-around talented individual. I haven’t met her yet but I hope to as she comes across as a creative and charismatic person.

Erin Arbogast, screenwriter, director and editor, costume maker, and one of the kindest, funniest people I know. I met Erin years ago through her partner Alan, the founder of Bravado. Every project that they’ve worked on together has delighted and impressed me.

Erin and Kiri recently joined forces to film The Lizzie Borden Diaries, a clever parody of The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, which is a video series adaptation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice. I hope they continue to work on projects together because this one made me laugh and laugh.

Here you have it, the other Lizzie B.

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