The Stars Under My Control

A harsh wind blew me down one night. And then, crack. My bones broke, my body bulged. Taller I grew until I was a giant’s giant! The stars sang. I plucked one from the sky, ate it, and then another. Soon I was full of stars: my eyes exploded with light, my heart burned to ash, my mind turned silent and, finally, finally I slept in the heavens.

Beautiful art print by, which I hope to buy soon.

Little story by me.

I Remember

This is my “I Remember” that was submitted to Future Tense Books’ “I remember” Weekend Challenge.

I remember ordering music videos on VHS and zines listed in free newspapers. I remember my friend and I never managed to put our own zine together but we’d write letters to the kids who made them so they’d know someone read them. I remember writing poems about Vincent Price and a certain boy’s Levi jacket. I remember it smelled like cigarettes and teenage boy musk and pigeons. I remember when he told me about pigeon keeping. I remember wanting to sniff his neck and lick his face, but the closest I ever got to him was a handshake.

I Remember by Shane Allison

I won this book by writing a short “I remember” story for Future Tense Books’ “I Remember” Weekend. (I’ll post my submission later. Well, I received it the other day and it’s really good. I think you should spend your money on it!

Inspired by the underground classic, I Remember by Joe Brainard, Shane Allison takes us on a fragmented, lustful, and poetic tour of his life, from a turbulent childhood in Florida to his life in New York City. Allison’s book is an epic poem/memoir full of frozen moments that capture a sexual, cultural, and emotional coming of age.

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