Karen Meisner Steps Down as Editor of Strange Horizons

You can read her post here: This is to announce that at the end of December, I will be stepping down as a fiction editor…

As I commented on her Facebook page, Noooo! Karen was the editor who worked with me on both “The First Time We Met” and “Finisterre.” Her insights as an editor were wonderful and I think I became a better writer because of her. I don’t know her that well personally, but she seems like a beautiful person. I really hope she continues to work in the writing world and help bring out the best of new writers.

Best wishes, Karen, and congrats on eight years at Strange Horizons!

Good Read Recommendation and Update

You might want to wander over to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and read The Other Whale Tale by Robert Edward Sullivan. Really, mosey on over. Clickety-click before you miss out!

In Maria Deira news, my writing mojo was recently smothered by illness and medication, but I’m working it out. In the process of putting together a chapbook of my surreal flash fiction and looking forward to a local reading by Aimee Bender this month.


Last Night

I sat at the window and watched the world. Dark and bright, hidden and exposed, it’s the only time I can breathe, can think, can dream. I should probably have taken off my glasses, so I wouldn’t look like any other lonely owl, watching and waiting, hunting an invisible prey.

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