Strange Horizons 2011 Fund Drive

I love Strange Horizons. And, yes, I would marry it. The online web zine consistently publishes diverse and exciting speculative fiction and manages to pay professional rates to writers. Years ago, when I first started submitting my stories, Strange Horizons was my dream publication. Two acceptances later (“The First Time We Met” and “Finisterre”), after getting to work with super talented editor Karen Meisner, it’s still my dream publication. This is where I first read fiction by Christopher Barzak, Kameron Hurley, Genevieve Valentine, Jay Lake, and Haddyr Copley-Woods.

For over a decade, Strange Horizons has pursued a number of goals: to encourage and support new writers of speculative fiction from diverse backgrounds; to provide a home for readers looking for fiction that expands the possibilities of sf, and discussions of the same; and to offer content free of change while still paying contributors professional rates, without being dependent on advertisers or corporate interests

Right now, SH is doing their annual fund drive. I know times are tough for some of you, but even a $5 donation would help to keep SH running, able to pay its authors and artists, while keeping its content free for readers.

Recent Publications

Oh, hi, hello!

My flash fiction piece “Laundry” was recently published in Every Day Fiction. A bit of surreal humor.

My short story “Somewhere the Desert Hides a Well” was published in GigaNotoSaurus. This is a great monthly ‘zine, edited by Ann Leckie, that has published stories by Cat Rambo, Silvia Moreno Garcia, Jeremiah Tolbert, Yoon Ha Lee, Ruth Nestvold, and other great authors. Quite an honor to be in their company!

“Somewhere the Desert Hides a Well” has also been reviewed by Lois Tilton at Locus Mag: Locus Online Reviews

Story acceptance!

Every Day Fiction has accepted my flash fiction piece “Laundry.” The story should be out in the next few months, I believe.

Currently working on a science fiction story, but most of my time has been spent fixing up an old gothic cottage my partner and I bought.

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