The Saturday Five

Hello! Another beautiful Saturday! Spent the morning in the garden and then cleaned myself up so I could check-out my neighbor’s Pop-up Shop, where I bought an elevated gardening bed. I’ll take photos once I have plants in it. It’s so pretty.

Anywhere, here are five things I’m liking this week:

1. Blueberries. A little early, but my blueberry bushes are ready to be picked. Yummers. In the winter, I checked out some library books and watched an instructional video to learn how to prune blueberry bushes. I think I did a pretty good job, if I do say so myself. (Also: see how wonderful libraries are? Informative and educational!)

2. Our cat Loki is a vertical scratcher, meaning that she has poked so many holes in my velvet curtains that the bottom halves look terrible. Grr. I did some research and found this SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post. It’s definitely the ultimate. Loki loves it and those velvet curtains are a littler safer now. I wish I had this a few years ago, before she started tearing up our sofa.

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3. This Old House. I watch the show and subscribe to the magazine. I don’t actually DO anything, but I appreciate the lessons and ideas. Someday I might decide to dive into home improvement projects and I’ll have all this knowledge! Haha. The show reminds me of my father — an original DIYer.

4. Salt and vinegar potato chips. Salt and vinegar on tomatoes. Salt and vinegar on cabbage. Salt and vinegar on French fries. Salt and vinegar on fish. Salt and vinegar in soup.

5. L’Oreal Colour Caresse by Colour Riche lipstick in Violet Chiffon. This is probably the best lipstick I’ve tried in ages. The color is gorgeous. A non-sticky, non-drying lipstick that feels like lip balm. I wear it almost every day. I might have to try other shades but for now I’m loving Violet Chiffon.

violet chiffon

The Secret Life of Writing

I’m about to go crazy with words. Spending more time writing means less time for blog updates (other than those related to publication, submissions, and the Friday/Saturday Five — and maybe occasional posts related to home & garden and health). I’m also minimizing time spent on email, social networking, and Abba-Zabas.

Happy trails to you.

The Saturday Five

I decided I have to give up my stubborn love of alliteration when it comes to writing about five things I like. I’m also behind on other posts but I’ll get to them eventually. For now, here’s my Saturday Five.

1. Geraniums. Hardy, easy to care for, lovely leaves and colorful blooms make these flowers one my favorites. Next year I’ll be planting four times as many geranium as this year.

2. Conservatories. Isn’t this glass room connecting the kitchen to the garden wonderful?

3. Award-winning science fiction author Octavia E. Butler. I don’t know what to say about Octavia E. Butler other than I love her books, her writing, her skill and genius. While she’s one of the few writers of color in SF I’m familiar with, has to be one of the greatest writers of all time. Wild Seed was the first book by Butler that I read. I was a freshman in high school and my mom recommended it. I loved it! Sadly, I couldn’t find any other books by her in our library or in our small town bookstore. Caught up in other books and new authors, music, and high school in general, I eventually forgot her name. However, about eight years later, looking for something different to read, I searched through my college friend (and roommate at the time) Clair’s books and came across Bloodchild & Other Stories. As soon as I saw the byline, I knew exactly who it was and I knew the stories would be great. After I read the collection, I went out and bought the rest of her books. In addition to Wild Seed and Bloodchild, I highly recommend Lilith’s Brood and the Xenogenesis trilogy. Butler passed away in 2006. Today would have been her 66th birthday.

4. Chocolate pound cake.

5. This mint green mug is the best. Fill it up with coffee and serve with chocolate pound cake. Yes, please!

The Friday Five (late again)

My sister and I decided to carry on with our Friday Five posts, where we list five things that we like/love.

1. Rainy, summer days. It’s nice to have some rain; it really brightens up the plants and provides a bit of coziness and quiet from all the warm weather activities.

2. Digging out weeds. A great way to let out my frustrations. Die, weed! Die!

3. It’s funny how certain bloggers can bring you peace and joy merely by posting gorgeous photos, a funny anecdote, engaging discussions. Their enthusiasm for life, art, fashion, food, and travel offers a lovely respite from the more difficult aspects of life. Fashion illustrator Garance DorĂ© does just that with her diary.

4. I think the “It Girl” right now is Zooey Deschanel and, yes, she is awesome. But my preference is for her equally talented sister Emily Deschanel, who plays Temperance Brennan on the tv show Bones. Her portrayal of the brilliant forensic anthropologist is delightful. Like Sophia Loren, Emily is beautiful, strong, funny, a great presence on screen. Plus, she’s an older sister with crazy tales about torturing her younger sibling. Yeah, I kind of relate to that.

5. Oh! Check out this wonderful house tour: Amy & David Butler’s Creative Textile Lab of a Home. Who knew a house could be so alive and happy? Plus, cats! (Photo from the Apartment Therapy house tour.)


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