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Goldfrapp’s “Annabel”

I’ve been a big fan of Goldfrapp for years. The lush, layered sound of Felt Mountain (my go to music for writing) and the electropop energy of Black Cherry are why these have become two of my favorite albums. When I saw them perform live, after they released Supernature — WOW. I can’t even describe how awesome Allison Goldfrapp’s performance and presence were. But it was definitely one of those moments where it felt good to be alive.

Recently, I’ve been listening to Goldfrapp’s latest album Tales of Us, which is a return to the more sensuous tones of Felt Mountain but also a bit more subdued. Each track is named after a person and, I believe, each song is the story of that person. The songs are strong and controlled, as though the music is both containing and concentrating the emotions of each character. It’s not in your face or from the crotch, these sounds and feelings and stories; instead, they’re in all your senses, entangled in your nervous system, moving slowly and deeply into what connects human being to human being. It’s in that invisible, immeasureable, mysterious space where the best music resides.

There have been a couple of music videos released along with the album: “Drew” and “Annabel.” Both songs have become small films, beautifully directed by Lisa Gunning. Amazing. Watch and listen, please.

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