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It’s been a while since I’ve posted five things I love. Well, here they are:

1. Israeli cartoonist Rutu Modan. I’ve been a fan of Modan’s illustrations and comics for a while now. Her work melds quietly poignant stories with visual art, fully realized characters, and societal insights influenced by her own life. I highly recommend Exit Wounds and Jamilti & Other Stories. Her latest novel is The Property.

2. The Killing. This series had been on my Netflix list, lingering, for the past year or so. I knew I wanted to see it but at the same time I wasn’t too interested in “Who Killed Rosie Larsen?” and dismissed it as another Twin Peaks storyline. But a friend, whose taste I trust, urged me to watch it. So I did. I ended up watching the first season in two days. Marathoned the second. Cried during the third. Originally on AMC, the drama, set in Seattle and about two homicide detectives unraveling a series of conspiracies, was cancelled twice — and saved twice. Only last week, I learned that Netflix will produce a six episode fourth and final season. The Killing will finally get a proper send-off. I have to admit I did a little dance when I heard the news.

3. English-Sri Lankan artist M.I.A. I have always loved this woman — her music, her art, her being. M.I.A.’s latest album Matangi is ridiculously great. Non-stop, in your face, heart thumping, feel it in your bones great. Rap + dance music + social issues + politics. Just take a listen.

4. Cheerios. Friends and family know that I have always loved Cheerios. I like to say it saved my life twice. Comfort food at its best. Yummers!

5. Attack on Titan. I haven’t watch a lot of anime, but a friend of ours at Adorable People Studios recommended this series. Goodness gracious. It has to be one of the best TV shows of all time. Intriguing, intense, great characters, amazing plot. I’m not sure if I’ll read the manga on which the show is based but I’m definitely looking forward to a second season.

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My sister and I decided to carry on with our Friday Five posts, where we list five things that we like/love.

1. Rainy, summer days. It’s nice to have some rain; it really brightens up the plants and provides a bit of coziness and quiet from all the warm weather activities.

2. Digging out weeds. A great way to let out my frustrations. Die, weed! Die!

3. It’s funny how certain bloggers can bring you peace and joy merely by posting gorgeous photos, a funny anecdote, engaging discussions. Their enthusiasm for life, art, fashion, food, and travel offers a lovely respite from the more difficult aspects of life. Fashion illustrator Garance DorĂ© does just that with her diary.

4. I think the “It Girl” right now is Zooey Deschanel and, yes, she is awesome. But my preference is for her equally talented sister Emily Deschanel, who plays Temperance Brennan on the tv show Bones. Her portrayal of the brilliant forensic anthropologist is delightful. Like Sophia Loren, Emily is beautiful, strong, funny, a great presence on screen. Plus, she’s an older sister with crazy tales about torturing her younger sibling. Yeah, I kind of relate to that.

5. Oh! Check out this wonderful house tour: Amy & David Butler’s Creative Textile Lab of a Home. Who knew a house could be so alive and happy? Plus, cats! (Photo from the Apartment Therapy house tour.)


Clever, Whimsical Art: Book Bricks Thu, 06 Jun 2013 04:45:58 +0000 Read more

Some days, like today, when I’m feeling down, I’ll head on over to Pinterest and see what’s new. There’s always an image or a group of images that cheer me up with their beauty or humor, such as these bricks painted to resemble books:

Clever idea: Old bricks painted to look like books.

The faux books against the bold blue stairs — how can you not smile at that?

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The last time I updated about my personal life, I was quite upset with my insurance company, among other things, and how they did not approve a medication I desperately needed. A month later, they finally decided to approve the medication, which three specialists agreed I needed to take. It ultimately took a letter from the third specialist stating that if I didn’t receive the medication, I would most likely end up in the hospital (true) and then the insurance company would have to pay a lot more than $670/mo.

Once my prescription was filled and paid for, I made a claim to have the $700 (less any copays) refunded. My argument was that they had paid for the four refills prior to denying me coverage and that after a month of trying they approved coverage through December, thus they should have paid for May as well. A month after my request, I received a check for $670. Hooray.

In early July, I began feeling well enough to start really missing my job. I put in a request to return to work, got my doctor’s letter ready, and on June 30th I was back! This is the middle of my fourth week. The first two weeks went great but by the end of third week, the fatigue worsened. My garden, the house, painting, and my writing & art have all been set aside so that I can rest after work. And this is with only working part-time!

This past weekend I finally cleaned the whole house, which felt good but frustrating. I had started painting the entryway in late June but still have the trim & stairway to paint. I don’t want to fall into the rut again of only focusing on making it to work, keeping up the house, and having no life or no fun. This week has been better than last, but I’m still tired, a bit sad, and definitely irritable. I think I hide it well at work. I do worry about having to take another leave or, worse, not be able to work at all, getting in debt, making life tough for my partner and me, losing everything, becoming a bag lady. ;) Of course, I shouldn’t think like that. So far, so okay — ha.

This weekend my goal includes researching for my novel, reading a couple of novels, painting the entryway trim, and returning to work on the garden. I also need to really get back into a strict schedule of sleeping & waking, eating, taking my meds, and resting. I’m also looking forward to planting fall crocus in September.

As long as I remind myself to do one thing at a time (instead of trying to to do as much as I can all at once) and remember that I have time enough to save up what I had to use from my emergency fund during the 7 1/2 months I didn’t receive a paycheck and to update certain things in the house (counter tops, den, balcony, porch), everything should turn out splendidly!

I hope.

Below are photos of my entryway. Eventually the balusters, stair risers, & trim will be painted white. I may carry the soft gray from the loft to the wall behind the stairway. The living room will be painted white — modern & airy.

The second photo is a limited edition print by Lee Strasberger. She had completed a number a drawings inspired by Brassai’s photography of Paris at night (1933). I love Brassai & I love Strasberger’s interpretation — I think the piece looks gorgeous in this frame and against the turquoise/teal blue. I’m hoping to buy more of her work for other parts of the house. You can buy original art and prints by Lee here: Lee Strasberger on Etsy

Lee Strasburger Entryway ]]>
Palabras de Maria – My Etsy Shop Thu, 05 Apr 2012 02:59:05 +0000 This week I’m adding vintage typography letters that spell out words you can use in art, crafting, collages, scrapbooking, etc. I have about 200 items listed, including some of my art. Please check it out!