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My short story “Finisterre” (Strange Horizons, August 10, 2009) made the British Fantasy Awards 2010 Longlist for Best Short Story. (The list is really, REALLY long.) Again, I want to thank whoever recommended it. Thank you!

Six other stories published in SH also made the list, as did Strange Horizons for Best Magazine. Woot!

Tim Pratt, “Another End of the Empire,” June 22

Shweta Narayan, “Charms,” August 24

Tiffani Angus-Bodie, “If Wishes Were Horses,” May 25

Veronica Schanoes, “Lily Glass,” April 27

Eric Gregory, “Salt’s Father,” August 3

Marcie Lynn Tentchoff, “The Ghost of Onions,” July 20

Tonight, I decided instead of posting a new story this week, I’d provide a link to “Finisterre,” which just happens to be flash fiction.

Paz watched too much television. I knew this was true when she told me she was a werewolf hunter. The destroyer of werewolves, she liked to say. Prima, she said to me, if you see a man with dilated pupils, a man who smells like mildew, a man with fingernails that are stained yellow and teeth that are uneven and broken, prima, if you see that man—run. Run! Because that man is a pinche werewolf.

Click here to read the rest.

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