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How To Be A Good Patron [Summer Edition]

It’s summer at the library! This is one of my favorite seasons: the kids (of all ages) who participate in our programs, the new patrons, and the excitement of summer break and summer activities. We have great patrons who love and respect the library. Even so, a few, only a few and only sometimes, can use some extra tips and reminders.

Ok! Here we go! Five ways you can be better summertime library patron:

1. Don’t carry materials under your sweaty armpits. Think about it. No one likes handling DVDs or paperbacks covered in human juices.

2. Don’t bring giant sodas in plastic cups with flimsy lids into the library. Danger! Danger!

3. Vacations are fun, aren’t they? Be careful that you don’t leave your library materials on a plane; they never come back, even though our info is marked on the book, and you’ll have to pay for it. Oh, and make sure to shake the sand that’s between the pages of those great summer reads. :)

4. Put your shoes back on. I love walking barefoot too, but it really is a health and safety issue. You don’t want your little toes run over by a runaway library cart.

5. Come on in and enjoy our air conditioning. Read a book, listen to music, use the computers, chat with library staff. Get away from the heat for a few minutes or even a few hours. It’s your library, use it!

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