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Good Read Recommendation and Update

You might want to wander over to McSweeney’s Internet Tendency and read The Other Whale Tale by Robert Edward Sullivan. Really, mosey on over. Clickety-click before you miss out!

In Maria Deira news, my writing mojo was recently smothered by illness and medication, but I’m working it out. In the process of putting together a chapbook of my surreal flash fiction and looking forward to a local reading by Aimee Bender this month.


Good Fiction, Free Fiction

Here’s a list of stories from around the web that I think are worth reading:

After October by Ben Burgis @ GigaNotoSaurus

Peerless by Karen Munro @ Strange Horizons

Not so free, but Oh So Good!

I hope you’ve listened to my story “The Giant of Malheur Park” via PodCastle. The reading, by Anna Schwind, was excellent; she made each character and every scene stand out. Brava, Anna!

If you’d like to read the story, hold a copy of it in your hands, look at print on paper, then I suggest you get yourself a copy of Kaleidotrope #10, where “The Giant…” originally appeared.

$5 for the print copy
$2.99 for the ebook


Recommended Reading

A great poem and two fantastic flash fiction stories I’ve found online. Click on story/poem title to read the entire piece.

Tonight I Know by Shweta Narayan

You, / star-garlanded; clouds / your laughing breath.

Additional Results by Robert Sullivan (Hey! I work with this talented dude.)


Thank you for purchasing TallyInc brand results for your completed life. The categories and data are by no means exhaustive, and can seem a bit random, but we do our best to explain some results, because your life mattered®.


Thin by Sara Kate Ellis

Here’s how bad the epidemic was. Nobody noticed.

GigaNotoSaurus Acceptance!

Woot! My story “Somewhere the Desert Hides a Well” was recently accepted by GigaNotoSaurus.

Look for it in late 2011! In the meantime, check out stories by Ruth Nestvold and Yoon Ha Lee in recent issues of the webzine, edited by science fiction author Ann Leckie.

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