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Bestiary Reviews & Writing

Bestiary: the Best of the Inaugural Demi-Decade of A cappella Zoo was recently reviewed –and look! There’s a very nice mention of Robert Sullivan’s story “Popper’s Choice. I work with Robert: Hooray Robert! Plus, I also have a story in Bestiary. Double hooray!

There are more positive and enthusiatic reviews encouraging you to buy this issue at The Future Fire, Brain Ripples, and Sabotage Reviews.

In other writing and personal news, I submitted a story today. Submitting a story isn’t amazing or anything but I hadn’t done so since 2011. I can’t believe how much time I went without writing, so sending in my story this morning seemed like a Big Deal. But that was my only story, which means it’s time to write other stories and get back into the crazy cycle of story submissions, acceptances, and rejections. Thank goodness for Duotrope.

Recent Publications

Oh, hi, hello!

My flash fiction piece “Laundry” was recently published in Every Day Fiction. A bit of surreal humor.

My short story “Somewhere the Desert Hides a Well” was published in GigaNotoSaurus. This is a great monthly ‘zine, edited by Ann Leckie, that has published stories by Cat Rambo, Silvia Moreno Garcia, Jeremiah Tolbert, Yoon Ha Lee, Ruth Nestvold, and other great authors. Quite an honor to be in their company!

“Somewhere the Desert Hides a Well” has also been reviewed by Lois Tilton at Locus Mag: Locus Online Reviews

Reviews of “The First Time We Met”

Lois Tilton at The Internet Review of Science Fiction”

This is a story about a relationship. The fantasy element is secondary, although it is at the center of the relationship; still, the story would not have been all too different if the element were non-fantastic. The question “What will our relationship be without your power” is much the same as “What will our relationship be now that you are sick/old/poor.” It is a complex thing, a relationship between two people who love each other, and this is what the author shows us.


Jason Sanford at the Fix Online

While the story was a little scattered for my tastes, it was still a good read, which is always a great thing to say about an author’s first professional publication.


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